Physico-chemical analysis


Physico-chemical analysis allow the analysis of materials and their characteristics in order to confirm their compositions or to identify defects according to the problems encountered.
The physico-chemical laboratory of NTL offers you tests in accordance with the regulatory referential, normative ISO 685, NA ISO 6840, NA8288, NA 11403 ... etc, or according to the particular needs of your products.

    •      Content of cationic active ingredient
    •      Anionic active ingredient content
    •      pH measurement
    •      Anionic active ingredient stable to acid hydrolysis
    •      Free alkalinity or free acidity
    •      Stability of the emulsion by centrifuge
    •      Stability of the emulsion by steaming
    •      Viscosity
    •      alkalinity
    •      hard water stability
    •      Water content by Karl-Fisher
    •      Determination of chlorides
    •      Total free alkali content
    •      Caustic free alkali content
    •      Moisture and volatile matter content by steaming
    •      Identification and determination of free sodium and potassium hydroxides
    •      Determination of zinc
    •      Total free alkali and fat content
    •      Determination of active substance in alkaline medium
    •      Determination and identification of oxalic acid and its alkaline salts
    •      Determination of the content of petrol ether extractable products
    •      Determination of the content of ether extractable products
    •      Determination of sodium alkylsulfonates content
    •      Sodium sulphite content
    •      hydroxyl value
    •      Sodium sulphate content
    •      Density