About us

Who are we ?

    The National Testing Laboratory is an establishment which reinforces the system relating to quality control and the repression of fraud by the Ministry of Trade and Export Promotion, set up by Executive Decree No. 15-122 of May 14, 2015 establishing, missions, organization and national testing operation.

    The NTL is a public industrial and commercial establishment (Epic) with legal personality and financial autonomy, it is administered by a board of directors, headed by a Managing Director.

    Its status allows it to meet the needs of the administration, in terms of controlling regulatory compliance of non-food industrial products, in the context of achieving the objectives of the national quality policy relating to health protection, the safety and material and moral interests of consumers as well as the protection of the quality of national production.

    It also enables it to promote and develop the range of analytical and testing services to meet the needs of economic operators.

    The laboratory organization is based on the following structure:

  • Administration and finance department (general resources, health and safety, service, sales, staff and training);

  • Test Department;

  • Technical direction (equipment management, maintenance, metrology service, technical consumables, etc.) ;

  • Studies and development department (production of test resources: tools, templates, test benches, IT department, etc.)

    In terms of equipment, a first operation to acquire scientific equipment and tests has made it possible to equip the laboratory with a batch that includes sixty-four (64) types of equipment, which has made it possible to make operational the following sections:

  • Section 1: Fire risk tests ;

  • Section 2: Climatic tests (resistance to corrosion, heat, cold and humidity) ;

  • Section 3: Mechanical and dimensional tests ;

  • Section 4: Physico-chemical analysis.

    In 2022, a second operation to acquire scientific and test equipment made it possible to provide the laboratory with new batches of equipment, which made it possible to make the following departments operational:

  • Toys and childcare articles testing department ;